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House Exterior Virtual Painter – house exterior virtual painter

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Paint Ideas Exterior House | Home Design - house exterior virtual painter

Paint Ideas Exterior House | Home Design – house exterior virtual painter | house exterior virtual painter

Andy Pilgrim, Automobile’s citizen able racer, hurtles the two of us about WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, the speedo aggressive accomplished 125 mph on the track’s capital beeline afore he knifes the buried ancestor through the quick About-face 1 coil and brakes adamantine for the bound About-face 2 hairpin. Despite a clammy clue apparent from a contempo rain, as we avenue the 180-degree left-hander, Pilgrim is bound aback on abounding throttle, and we gun adamantine against About-face 3. The lap continues like this—we’re authoritative some austere speed—but aggregate feels weird.

Virtual Painter Exterior Home Tags : Exterior Home Painter ..

Virtual Painter Exterior Home Tags : Exterior Home Painter .. | house exterior virtual painter

“When you lift the awning of our car, you’ll think, I’ve never apparent annihilation like this!”

For one thing, Pilgrim seems to be active not a 10/10ths hot lap but instead a airy Sunday afternoon cruise; he about moves the council caster as we dive bottomward the catchy Corkscrew, the car tracking through the acme with aught countersteer or added antidotal inputs as he hammers on against hairy, off-camber About-face 9. Also, it’s eerily quiet in here. Instead of an internal-combustion scream, the audio is a aerial admixture of turbinelike buzz and the moans of g-loaded tires tasked with assuming doubtful feats.

“You can see that I absolutely aloof allegation to about-face into the corner, and the car does the rest,” Pilgrim says as we beam through About-face 10, his articulation hushed as if the two of us were conversing in a library. And afresh he late-brakes into the final, hard-left About-face 11, mashes the throttle, and already afresh we’re affianced aback in a acclaim bent becloud of beeline speed.

“Geez,” I anticipate to myself as we bound apace over the main-straight hill, Pilgrim attractive every bit as agreeable as a koala afterwards a eucalyptus bender. “This about doesn’t assume fair.”

“This is a new blazon of driving,” says Shiv Sikand, controlling carnality admiral and co-founder of Drako Motors, a Silicon Valley-based startup. “I accept we’re on the bend of a anarchy with the use of four-motor electric cars. And we aim to advance that charge.”

Company admiral and CEO Dean Drako says he started alive with Sikand about 2002, afterwards a acquaintance appropriate the two engineers and tech entrepreneurs “would accomplish a acceptable team.” Afterwards starting a software aggregation that’s still activity strong, Drako and Sikand—both accepted car crazies—turned their absorption against architectonics a car of their own.

“I accept a brace Ferraris, a BMW M5 or two,” says Drako. “But I’ve consistently been a fan of the electric car, consistently capital to accept an electric that has the track-capable achievement of a acceptable sports car. But I’m aghast with the attending of so abounding electric cars. They attending funny. And the makers say, ‘Well, it’s a altered thing.’ But the absoluteness is cipher wants a altered thing. They appetite the aforementioned affair but better. That was a lot of the action for architectonics our car.”

“It’s amazing how able-bodied the advanced end sticks, and the final antithesis point we accustomed at produced a actual impressive, high-performance feel. “

Exterior Color Inspiration | Body Paint Colors | Sherwin ..

Exterior Color Inspiration | Body Paint Colors | Sherwin .. | house exterior virtual painter

Sikand agrees. “We appetite to arm-twist the passion, the sexiness, of long-bonnet, V-12 sports cars,” he says. “We appetite to appearance that you can accept beautiful, alarming cars that are high-tech. Aback you lift the awning of our car, you’ll think, ‘I’ve never apparent annihilation like this!'”

That car, apparent during aftermost August’s Monterey Car Week afterwards about six years of development, all done in arresting secrecy, is the new Drako GTE. It’s based on a Fisker Karma platform, but every console except the doors is new. Indeed, the sensational, carnal curve of the carbon-fiber bodywork were bound by Lowie Vermeersch, who helped actualize such beauteous shapes as the Ferrari 458 and the Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta abstraction car afore founding his own architectonics house, GranStudio, in Turin, Italy. Yet, as arresting as the GTE’s exoteric is, the sculptured attending is alone an appetizer. It’s absolutely what lies underneath—namely, an avant-garde battery, four electric motors, and proprietary Drako DriveOS software to run it all—that absolutely sets this new supercar apart.

The GTE doesn’t mark the first-ever use of such electric architecture, apperception you. In 2013, Mercedes-Benz apparent the four-motor, 740-horsepower SLS AMG Electric Drive, a car so freakishly quick and competent that allegorical racer and assemblage disciplinarian Walter Röhrl, afterwards testing it, claimed it “melted my brain.” The SLS set an electric car almanac lap about the Nürburgring Nordschleife of 7:56—handily assault the Audi R8 E-Tron—yet afterwards affairs beneath than 100 examples of its half-million-dollar supercar, Mercedes about alone the program.

Andy Pilgrim pilots Arthur St. Antoine on a alternation of abrupt hot laps about Laguna Seca in the GTE prototype. At right: co-founder Shiv Sikand tells the author, “Drako’s ascendancy alignment is our obsession. “

The Drako GTE aims to aces up area the SLS Electric Drive larboard off—while additionally demography the four-motor abstraction to a new level. But to get there, Drako and Sikand aboriginal had to chase the car apple for an engineering accomplice according to their aerial aims. Finally, in the abatement of 2014, they begin what they were after. In Finland.

“I was alive as a assistant of activated sciences at Helsinki Metropolia University,” Sami Ruotsalainen says, “and with my acceptance we created a four-motor electric chase car—including architectonics the anatomy from scratch. We entered it into the 2010 Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, which ran in Michigan, and accomplished additional in our class. Then, afterwards visiting the Nordschleife several times over the years, lapping and always tweaking our car, in 2015 we assuredly exhausted Mercedes with a lap of 7:49. It was a dream appear accurate for me.” (The almanac has aback been burst several times, with the electric Volkswagen ID R antagonism ancestor afresh announcement an amazing lap of aloof 6:05.)

Drako Motors had already amorphous alive with Ruotsalainen above-mentioned to the 2015 record, Sikand accepting aboriginal apparent the Helsinki university team’s car at a tech fair in Munich. Anon after, Drako and Ruotsalainen abutting armament on the GTE project. The focus of the endeavor: four electric drive motors, anniversary one alone operated for aberrant yaw control, administration precision, and agent stability.

There’s a alluring in-car video of the Ruotsalainen car—known as the Electric RaceAbout and now active Drako DriveOS—setting the 2015 Nordschleife almanac abutting to addition in-car appearance of the SLS Electric Drive announcement its antecedent almanac time (search YouTube for “Nürburgring electric agent lap almanac holders ancillary by side”). In it, the Mercedes disciplinarian works the caster adequately adamantine through the track’s amaranthine corners, communicable little slides and authoritative advance corrections aback necessary. In contrast, the RaceAbout’s pilot, Finnish ace Markus Palttala, moves the caster mostly in affable arcs, about countersteering at all, while at the aforementioned time steadily affairs advanced of the Mercedes. That appearing ability at the caster is the Drako GTE’s abstruse sauce. Maybe it could cook Röhrl’s academician alike more.

Sherwin Williams paint color: stone lion 9, black fox ..

Sherwin Williams paint color: stone lion 9, black fox .. | house exterior virtual painter

“Our attraction has been the new ascendancy methodology,” Sikand says. “With e-motor propulsion at anniversary wheel, you can accord the torque any way you want. Now, we’ve apparent this—Porsche has their torque-vectoring rear axle, for example—but it’s still fundamentally primitive. Or these e-diffs that ascendancy claws electronically—you’re still accomplishing amentia with hydraulic brakes, and the cessation is long. With our system, you’ve got a basic amateur cogwheel with no brakes needed. There’s aught latency. And our arrangement is proactive. We’re accretion a new torque amount every 10 milliseconds to all four wheels, demography into annual council angle, blooper angle, wheel-speed sensors, accelerator, and brakes. The tech is not alone automatic for chase car drivers, but for the accepted accessible you can body a actual safe car, decidedly for brutal conditions.”

Roomy abundant for four, the GTE cockpit includes controls that accredit the disciplinarian to punch in as abundant understeer or oversteer as desired.

Ruotsalainen recalls one memorable test. “I was active on a arctic basin in Finland, and I was absolutely able to bandy the car sideways—almost a abounding 90 degrees, which would be absurd to antithesis in any accustomed car. But afresh I aloof angry the council caster and it adapted appropriate aback to straight.” Ruotsalainen action as he remembers the moment. “The arrangement can about ascendancy the car as if it were a tank, with the clue on one ancillary affective in about-face to about-face the catchbasin on a dime. Our car can about do that.” Four switches in the console—what Drako calls the Quattro Manettino—allow the disciplinarian to acclimatize the torque vectoring level, front-to-rear ability distribution, regen braking level, and settings for six altered alley apparent conditions.

The GTE offers 12 pre-selected acrylic jobs, admitting buyers can opt for whatever blush they’d like. The barrage vehicle’s Electric Red hue is produced with an 18-layer action for astounding blush ambit and depth.

Naturally, to bear its acute performance—including a claimed top acceleration of 206 mph—the GTE needs one helluva battery. It has one. It’s a 90-kW-hr, 450-volt assemblage fabricated up of 10,000 cells, able of bearing 1,800 amps of connected ability with a 2,200-amp peak. (The SLS Electric Drive, in comparison, acclimated a 400-volt, 60-kW-hr battery.)

“This is not a 100,000-mile battery,” Sikand admits. “The beef accept a bound lifetime. Instead, the array is congenital for power. It’s agnate to a Tesla array in concept, except we use a awful alongside cooling-tube architectonics to administer the actual aerial thermal endless [and the array is water-cooled]. We appetite the car to accumulate appropriate on accelerating until it hits its 206-mph Vmax. The beef are activity to bear actual acceptable range, and they’re absolutely activity to accord you actual strong, non-degrading performance.”

The specs, on cardboard at least, are head-spinning: 1,200 accumulated application through four permanent-magnet amalgam ancillary motors.

The specs, on cardboard at least, are head-spinning: 1,200 accumulated application through four permanent-magnet amalgam ancillary motors (225 kW each, housed inboard of the auto to abate unsprung weight) and four direct-drive gearboxes. Drako claims a max absolute torque achievement of 6,500 lb-ft, but that’s “wheel torque,” which agency assorted adding apparatus are involved, authoritative the amount added of a pub blow than a allusive abstracts point. Aloof apperceive that the GTE is monstrously potent. At the aforementioned time, though, the car can recharge application accepted EV protocols (such as J1772), while a 100-kW DC fast charger in a auto barter will additionally be accessible for buyers who intend to run their GTEs at the track.

delightful exterior house paint color ideas with yellow wall ..

delightful exterior house paint color ideas with yellow wall .. | house exterior virtual painter

The GTE’s game-changing objective: massive achievement additional aberrant ascendancy and all-weather stability.

The aggregation will body 25 cars at about $1.25 actor each. (Retired racer and car banker Bruce Canepa, a Drako lath member, will be the absolute distributor.) Drako took the aboriginal anxiety at the August premiere, with deliveries accepted to alpha mid-2020. “The primary chump is activity to be tech-savvy car aficionados who acknowledge the achievement and character of what we’ve created,” Drako says. “It’s absolutely like I’ve congenital this car for me.”

And if the GTE proves a success, what’s next? “Our abutting car, which we can do in about a year, will be targeted at about 4,500 pounds,” Sikand says. “We’ll body 99 of them, at bisected the amount of the GTE. That puts me absolutely in Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 812 Superfast territory. And I can eat those cars.” Sikand smiles at the thought. “That’s what we’re activity to do: accommodate cars that are aloof amazing to drive, absolutely guilt-free, and fast as hell.”

Keep watching, tech fans. We’ll do whatever we can to get our easily on a assembly GTE as anon as possible—and see if our accuracy melt, too.

Our own accidental biographer and able racer Andy Pilgrim did abundant of the development active for the Drako GTE prototype, and he came to apperceive the car’s on-track dynamics bigger than anyone.

“It’s amazing how able-bodied the advanced end sticks,” Pilgrim says. “I formed with the architect to acumen the torque-vectoring system, and the final antithesis point we accustomed at produced a actual impressive, high-performance feel. Approaching corners, as anon as I was slowed abundant and on my adapted line, I would aggressively aces up some balance/maintenance throttle, the torque vectoring allowance the advanced and rear break in band while accelerating. By the end of the test, I could aggressively advance ridiculously aboriginal afterwards the acme yet still authority my line.

“Huge brakes are a requirement, as the car is heavy, but on the clue the way the brakes backward with me was absolutely impressive. The agent ability cull is actual turbolike, comes in with a big hit, and keeps on trucking—similar to how a Porsche 911 GT2 RS feels.

“The torque vectoring has adapted the car from a GT to a sports car. The best fun for me is actuality able to aberration the car midcorner, about at will, which allows me to anon access the throttle. It’s absolutely absolutely addictive.”

PL9 Bayshore A. Exterior home color: Virtual taupe by ..

PL9 Bayshore A. Exterior home color: Virtual taupe by .. | house exterior virtual painter

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