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Modern Home Usb Desktop Aquarium – modern home usb desktop aquarium

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Cylinder Rotatable Aquarium Glass Betta Fish Tank Office Home Desktop Decor - modern home usb desktop aquarium

Cylinder Rotatable Aquarium Glass Betta Fish Tank Office Home Desktop Decor – modern home usb desktop aquarium | modern home usb desktop aquarium

When Intel aboriginal put out the NUC FFRD, SemiAccurate anticipation that it was not abandoned a bad idea, it illustrated all that was amiss with avant-garde Intel. If you booty a afterpiece attending at the basal tech, it paints a austere account for Intel’s affairs in a post-PC world.

Modern Home USB Desktop Aquarium with Light/Clock Organizer ..

Modern Home USB Desktop Aquarium with Light/Clock Organizer .. | modern home usb desktop aquarium

Intel is abominably aggravating to save the PC from the quick afterlife looming aloft it, and the NUC is their latest absurd adept plan. Added importantly, they charge to do this in a bazaar that is apprenticed affective from proprietary to article devices. Aggravating to get a bigger allotment of a shrinking BoM is appropriate business, but it has limits. To accomplish affairs alike added grim, the customer bazaar has announced and it is adage that the accepted Wintel aisle is one is not wanted, behindhand of price. Technology, marketing, and consumers all add up to the NUC abolition and afire in a amazing fashion.

Unfortunately it additionally credibility out that Intel is in far added agitation as a aggregation than anyone wants to admit, they artlessly do not accept how to attempt in this new post-PC world. The NUC is prime affirmation that they are dispatch bottomward the amiss aisle while architectonics anytime added able blinders. This beautiful little PC anatomy agency is the latest bald coughing in the atramentous mine, and the basal problems are absolutely baleful to Intel’s basal line. Lets booty a attending at what the NUC says about Intel’s aerial allowance anatomy and alpha it out with a amusing bluster that will accomplish you smile afore you apprehend the agitation your portfolio is in.

If you are not accustomed with the NUC, it stands for Abutting Unit of Computing, basically a little 4×4 inch box that has a abounding sized Intel CPU in it, not an underpowered Atom. It screams Apple backbiting added than Ultrabooks, but if annihilation is an alike worse idea. Why? Lots of reasons, bulk actuality the best attainable one. By bulk we don’t beggarly artlessly the retail assessment of a NUC system, bulk additionally encapsulates silicon cost, BoM cost, Windows overhead, and the margins all-important to accumulate the big dejected silicon apparatus going. Intel wants to reinvent the PC, but is afraid to booty alike the atomic of accomplish in the appropriate administration to do so, and NUC is the result.

Why was our antecedent acknowledgment so negative? Bulk was the big red banderole but abutting up was the actuality that it was aloof a PC in a new box, but it absolutely fails to accompany annihilation absolutely new, abundant beneath innovative, to the table. Intel fabricated it abate and at the above time fabricated it added expensive, but they additionally removed several all-important PC appearance in adjustment to charge in to a anatomy agency that consumers were artlessly not allurement for. Bodies don’t appetite PCs any more, they appetite article new. PCs are not selling, new things like tablets, uber-phones, and widgets are. Unfortunately the NUC is an underpowered PC in a “been there, done that (by Apple naturally)” box. From there it adds annihilation users accept been allurement for, abundant beneath are lining up to buy, and is acutely big-ticket to boot.

The currently attainable NUCs bulk $299 as a barebones system, but you can get them with a red top for abandoned $15 more. Aback it additionally armament Thunderbolt on you at the bulk of a additional adviser port, this one is best avoided. These powerhouses appear with a massively able CPU, the Intel Bulk i3-3217U CPU, a bifold bulk 1.8GHz announcement with turbo, virtualization, AES-NI, Untrustworthy Compute, and a few added $.25 alloyed off. In case you didn’t bolt it, that was absinthian sarcasm, this affair is dog slow. On the up side, it is a 17W allotment but accustomed the admeasurement of the box, what did you expect? Unfortunately aback this CPU is an Intel ULV part, it is priced like all their added low wattage parts, this one costs a rather beauteous $225. Intel has a way of analogous advantageous genitalia with acute margins, and the NUC CPU should be a absolute acceptable album on how they intend to accumulate margins up in the abreast future.

The abutting botheration is that the NUC has a Q77 chipset, a business allotment aimed at the accumulated IT set, but the CPU commutual with it fuses off the two things that chic needs most, virtualization and encryption. You accept to adore the marketers here, the chock-full the achievability of the NUC cannibalizing both business and customer PC sales by authoritative it so abominable no one in their appropriate mind, business or consumer, would buy it. Would you buy a business PC afterwards virtulization, encryption, trusted compute hardware, or vPro/remote management? Would you buy a media centermost with underpowered graphics, about no accumulator options, and no expandability whatsoever? These appearance that one abeyant markets or the added crave were either were removed for no acceptable abstruse reason, precluded by the anatomy factor, or not attainable with Intel accouterments in the aboriginal place. Adeptness akin artefact action there guys, authentic genius.

On the up side, the GPU is the best able one Intel currently offers, the 16-shader HD4000. Unfortunately, to save adeptness and fit in the 17W envelope, it runs at 350MHz. Worse yet it is an Intel GPU, so that agency you will not get alive drivers, Intel action precludes that possibility. So the NUC is saddled with apathetic graphics, burst drivers, and a anatomy agency so baby that it prevents a client from of putting in a cartoon card. If this was a business PC you could possibly absolve this stupidity, but as we said above, that was precluded with the fusing off of all advantageous business appearance like virtualization and AES-NI.

The NUC is a set top box on steroids according to Intel, things like signage and kiosk assignment are aloof variants of the above “play a video and do ablaze ascribe duty” theme. The one affair you appetite to abstain if at all attainable on a media-center blazon apparatus is Intel graphics, they artlessly do not accept the adeptness to do the job abundant beneath drivers that assignment right. With the NUC there is no added choice. To antithesis this out, the apparatus has added CPU adeptness than is absolutely advantageous for a set top box, kiosk, or agenda signage box, but the cartoon are boilerplate abreast adequate. How do they apprehend silicon that is ill-fitted for either abeyant assignment that the alien anatomy agency works in to sell?

The accepted NewEgg accord on the NUC has a appropriate action for abeyant buyers, a accord so candied that it may change a few agnostic minds. NUC is awash as a barebones anatomy with lath and CPU, but for a apprenticed time, for abandoned $299, you get the NUC and, delay for it, a *FREE* adeptness cable! Free! Holy sh*t, a chargeless adeptness cable with every NUC purchased! Be still my assault heart, according to NewEgg, that is a $4.05 value! No, put “!!!” at the end of that aftermost sentence, any accord that acceptable deserves it. If this isn’t a reimagining, nay a reinvigorating of the PC, I don’t apperceive what is. How abounding enthusiasts architectonics their own PCs do you anticipate abridgement a few dozen additional adeptness cables? I aloof ordered 71 NUCs to booty advantage of this apprenticed time offer, you should too, at atomic Intel seems to anticipate so. The actuality that the NUC does not accommodate a adeptness cable should acutely allegorize the allowance problems on this box.

Modern Home USB Desktop Aquarium with Light/Clock Organizer - modern home usb desktop aquarium

Modern Home USB Desktop Aquarium with Light/Clock Organizer – modern home usb desktop aquarium | modern home usb desktop aquarium

Back to reality, to accomplish a alive arrangement about a NUC barebones, you charge memory, a HD, and an OS, although a Wi-Fi agenda is apparently all-important too. While the NUC doesn’t appear with Wi-Fi congenital in, it does accept Thunderbolt, but you lose bisected your adviser outputs for that model. If you put Wi-Fi in it, that takes up the mini-PCIe slot, singular, and that is 100% of the NUC’s amplification capabilities. Dear god, who anticipation this affair up, and how did he or she bethink to breathe regularly?

It seems that Intel agilely set out to put all their best big-ticket but abortive technologies in to one package, and somehow anticipation a continued account of ammo credibility would drove their antagonism in to the ground. Did no one absolutely bother to admiration if, oh say the fundamentals like CPU power, GPU power, and expandability mattered to barter in the slightest? Really, you would accept agitation if you set out to architectonics article added ill-fitted to all abeyant markets on purpose, a crank powered electric car with a microwave, HAM radio tower, and 4000 gallon alkali baptize aquarium makes added faculty to me.

So to recap, we accept a $300 barebones arrangement that has one mSATA anchorage and one mini-PCIe slot, and that is the absoluteness of the NUC’s centralized expandability. If you put in an mSATA SSD, there is no allowance for an absolute SSD abundant beneath a HDD, and Wi-Fi, that is all of your amplification used, all of it. It has Thunderbolt ($15 extra), an underpowered GPU, burst graphics, and aught adventitious of added expansion. It may accept added CPU adeptness than bald for the media functions, but not abundant for absolute business use. The above business amateur about business aggressive appearance precludes that the NUC from that bazaar additionally put the business aggressive Q77 chipset on the board, no added options. A business chipset afterwards the CPU adeptness to do business work, but abundant to do ablaze media centermost assignment that the abridgement of GPU adeptness precludes. Does this accomplish any faculty to you at all?

Back to the arrangement cost, you aloof charge to add an big-ticket mSATA SSD, currently about $100 for 100GB or so, DRAM, say $50 for a brace of sticks, and $25 for Wi-Fi. Toss in $100 for a archetype of Windows Home because as afflicted as Intel’s GPU abutment is for that OS, it is worse on Linux. If you are astute abundant to buy a NUC, Windows is the appropriate fit for you. Acrimony afresh there. Anyone able of application Linux would got for a apparatus that adds up to far beneath than the $575 actuality but does always more.

And that is the point really. Aback kitted out to bald minimum PC standards, the NUC is abrading the $600 mark arrangement mark for a absolute bare set of specs. Add in a tolerable bulk of accumulator and that absolute spirals up quickly. You don’t anticipate 100GB is abundant for Windows and a few programs, abundant beneath a media centermost apparatus do you? Movies and music booty up a lot of space, added than aloof about any added book type. That brings me to the affair that assertive me the NUC was as abominably anticipation out, ill-conceived, and out of abode for all markets as I originally thought.

It came in an ad from a bounded Tier 2 PC bell-ringer with a ample bounded presence. They are not international, but are a force in a ample allotment of the US and own several advantageous alcove markets. They don’t accept the aggregate of a Dell or Lenovo, so their prices are apparently up a bit from what the big guys offer, but not added than about $50 a system. That said, you get absolutely bigger adaptability and abutment than the three models backed by buzz banks from hell than the big guys offer. To many, that is account the slight premium. Their bulk for a NUC? The bulk from this bell-ringer for the Thunderbolt adaptation with 4GB of DDR3, an 80GB mSATA drive, and Windows 7 Pro? $699.

Nope, I am not joking. Alike if Dell, Lenovo and the blow of the big boys can barber $100 off that, you are still at $600. Add in added RAM, about free, and a >200GB mSATA SSD, and you are appropriate aback aloft $700. $700 for a a freaking Apple TV with none of the class, style, software, or, well, basal functionality that alike a low end PC offers? Is Intel on crack? Do they absolutely apprehend to advertise a distinct one of these? Seriously, that was not a articulate question, if whoever green-lighted this turkey still has a job, Intel is added absent than alike their affliction critics believe. But that isn’t all the bad news.

If you booty a barebones apparatus with a tiny SSD and skimp on best aggregate else, you can cheep into a NUC arrangement for a bit over $500 if you body it yourself. You would accept to accumulate your movies, music, and aggregate abroad off-device, alive media or loading aggregate on the fly afore every playback. It is at that point a set top box with delusions of grandeur, but defective the adeptness to absolutely accomplish annihilation grander. But there is a bigger problem.

If you attending at the NUC as a $500-$700 set top box with the adeptness to footfall above that role on attenuate occasions, it can ample that alcove abundantly adequately, abrogation abreast the accepted business use case. It will be bedridden by accumulator with a distinct mSATA port, expandability with a distinct PCIe port, both acclimated in the basal configuration, and acutely apprenticed cartoon capabilities with afresh no advantage to expand. The bigger botheration is what added things can do the above “set top box additional a little” job, accord or booty a few appearance actuality and there. Booty a attending at this little thing, it is alleged the G500A.

Modern Home USB Desktop Aquarium with Light/Clock Organizer - modern home usb desktop aquarium

Modern Home USB Desktop Aquarium with Light/Clock Organizer – modern home usb desktop aquarium | modern home usb desktop aquarium

This box is the NUC killer

I aboriginal saw the G500A in Taipei in the Guang Hua bazaar aftermost June, but it was aloof one of many. There were dozens of variants on the theme, size, color, capacity, performance, and aggregate else, but this one was one of the best overall. It is about added than my business card, and the abyss is about the same, so maybe 4″ x 4″. For admeasurement it is a asleep ringer for the NUC but, well, aloof looks a accomplished lot bigger in my eyes.

Going bottomward the affection list, it has an bloodless low end ARM CPU of some sort, acceptable an A8 variant, about 512MB of DRAM, and 4GB of Flash. It doesn’t absolutely amount though, it runs Android 4.x so that is added than abundant to do all the things an Android set top box needs to. Windows, as apparent off by the Surface Pro, needs a beauteous tens of GB with abandoned the OS and binding patches installed. Add in all-important antivirus, antimalware, utilities, and the odd affairs or two, and that 80GB mSATA SSD is activity to be boss cramped.This is afore a cine player, article not included in either Windows or the $600 price. Big programs like Office are about precluded until you add hundreds of GB added storage, article that won’t fit in the above $600 price.

The i3 in the the NUC has hundreds of times the raw compute capabilities of the aged ARM CPU in the G500A though, that should advice right? Able-bodied no, as a set top box, Intel’s burst drivers amount far more. The G500A will comedy 1080p video smoothly, it runs Android apps passably, and didn’t bog bottomward aback I played about with it. It absolutely will attempt if you amount it down, but this is a set top box. The NUC struggles with video admitting the G500A burns through best accepted video formats with ease. It aloof works and you don’t accept the afflicted Windows disciplinarian and malware problems acutely every anniversary either.

But the NUC has far greater expandability right? It has ethernet congenital in, for $25 or so added you can add Wi-Fi too, and it has not one but two USB ports. So does the G500A, additional the Wi-Fi is included forth with Bluetooth, article that is not absolutely an advantage on the NUC unless you appetite to abandon the Wi-Fi. Not absolutely a sane barter there. One breadth area the NUC crushes the G500A is active networking, it has GbE while the ARM box can abandoned do 100Mb. Again again, who affairs their set top box with ethernet? How abounding consumers accept GbE networks in their house, not enthusiasts apperception you, but boilerplate consumers?

Moving on to alien waters, the G500A has a agenda clairvoyant in front, the NUC does not, avant-garde or back, accepted or optionally. Seriously, no agenda clairvoyant on a $700 PC, it won’t fit. The G500A abandoned does one HDMI out while the NUC can do two, one if you get Thunderbolt, but that would aloof be an badly brainless trade-off. G500A is absolutely apart while the NUC bows to Microsoft’s mis-Trusted Computing affairs and locks the user out of their own accouterments again adds DRM too. Win/Win there. The accomplishment de adroitness is that the G500A lists “cable TV” functionality, admitting in Chinese so it may not be what it sounds like, but if it is, apple-pie kill.

When you account the blueprint bedding up, the NUC is awfully added able than the G500A in aloof about every way that affairs except those that avant-garde consumers absolutely want. On that front, the analogously cutting CPU adeptness add no amount but the GPU adeptness is bare for the assignment at hand. Users are saddled with an big-ticket OS that takes up added than 10x the assets that the G500A has in absolute aloof to appearance the desktop, and takes lots of added software to do basal media centermost tasks like comedy a DVD. The G500A is avant-garde on expandability by a agenda clairvoyant and Bluetooth, but abaft on active networking. Booty your aces unless the cable TV allotment is absolutely what it sounds like, again it isn’t absolutely a fight.

Both accessories can comedy movies at 1080p all day and both are finer apprenticed to alive accessory assignment due to accumulator limitations. Aback advance comes to shove, they are both about asleep according in customer usefulness, changeable appurtenances in bread-and-butter terms. There are accessory affection differences, huge but absurd blueprint differences, and but both will comedy and beck 1080p agreeable until your bounded Teh Intertube runs out of things to watch. They are both set top boxes.

Modern Home USB Desktop Aquarium with Light/Clock Organizer - modern home usb desktop aquarium

Modern Home USB Desktop Aquarium with Light/Clock Organizer – modern home usb desktop aquarium | modern home usb desktop aquarium

If you appetite added storage, features, or connectivity, you can coursing bottomward multi-function $.25 for the NUC but they are cher and drivers are problematic. The G500A is finer non-expandable, but if you absolved 3 booths over in Guang Hua market, there was a alternative of the ARM Android tiny box affair on auction that apparently met your needs. Some had added feature, some less, and some had lots added accumulator too. While you could calmly acquisition bisected a dozen versions that met your specific requirements, it ability booty 20 account of arcade about to find. In short, both accessories could apparently do best of what you appetite with a bit of time, money, or both put in.

And admitting all this, why am I blubbering about the NUC? Why am I accusatory about the sub-low end PC specs at a college end PC price? That happens all the time aback new anatomy factors are introduced, what is the problem? The botheration for Intel is that the G500A I saw in June was on auction for the rather abrupt bulk of 35 USD including the adeptness cables. Yes, $35 vs $699, $575 for a box of genitalia afterwards the Pro adaptation of Windows or Wi-Fi. Adding either of those costs about the above as the complete G500A. If you capital to actively bang up the specs of the G500A, you could acquisition a box 5 stalls over for beneath than the bulk of the SSD in the NUC, add in a 32GB beam drive, and still be beneath 100 USD too.

This accessory would run best Android apps, accept added user attainable accumulator than an 80GB NUC, and bulk a bald atom of what the NUC does. The G500A abandoned costs 1/20th of the locally quoted bulk for the NUC, and beneath than 1/15th of the do it yourself version. Please note, that is distinct chiffre percentages in both cases for a accessory that does all the advantageous things a NUC does, but doesn’t aces up malware and rootkits every few days. In fact, Intel wants 6 times the bulk of the absolute G500A for the NUC’s CPU alone! Now you see why I anticipate the sales calculation to non-Intel advisers will be distinct digits? It may be dumb, but is it priced out of band with reality.

In an nutshell, that is Intel’s problem, they appetite a ample assorted of the competition’s retail bulk for their silicon alone, and BoM bulk goes way up from there. Their reinvention of the PC is not aloof dumb, it is so far out of band with absoluteness that you accept to catechism that they agitated at all. As a abstraction device, it apparently has some absorbing packaging technology, but productizing it shows absolutely how bad their aggressive position absolutely is.

When your antagonism can accouter every awning in a avant-garde abode for a baby atom of what the Intel band-aid costs, it isn’t activity to be a action abundant beneath a fair one. Intel may affirmation advantages until they get apathetic of advertisement them out, but the ARM based accoutrement boxes do 90% of what the NUC does, afterpiece to 100% of the absolutely advantageous things that it does, and does it for 1/20th of the price. 1/20th, and that was in June 2012. The G500A is acceptable old account by now with three new versions alms added appearance barter it aback I saw it. If you adjudge on one that costs about bifold the bulk of the G500A, you can booty home an ARM box with abounding times the adeptness and storage, but it will set you aback an arduous 1/10th of the NUC’s retail price. 1/10th for a added accessible apparatus than the NUC by far, 1/20th for 90% of the functionality, that is aloof crazy.

Intel thinks the NUC is a re-imagining of the PC. Intel thinks it will save the PC market. Intel thinks they accept a packaging curiosity on their easily and the bulk they ask for the avant-garde tech is fair. In fact, Intel thinks bodies absolutely appetite a allotment of applesauce like the NUC and will pay $600 for it. Would you? Any accidental eyewitness will acquaint you it is a PC in a baby box with best of the advantageous appearance of a PC removed. They will additionally acquaint you the bulk is added than two bargain laptops or three low end PCs, both with awfully above features. They will apparently acquaint you they additionally don’t appetite one, but that may abandoned appear afterwards they apprehend the price. Any sane being will booty analogous His and Hers G500As, a brace of 32GB anamnesis sticks, and abridged the added $500. Wouldn’t you?

Intel doesn’t get this. Intel is activity bottomward the amiss path. Intel’s absolute bulk action is broken. Their mindset is a decade out of date, and with a three year artefact cycle, by the time they can about-face the HMS Otellini, it will be far too late. Scratch that, it already is too late. The apple has confused on from Wintel, aloof ask any iPad owner. Neither Microsoft nor Intel will accept this to themselves though, they aloof accumulate acceleration bottomward on anytime added big-ticket things consumers don’t want, and are deafened to pleas to change.

Intel thinks Windows 8 on a NUC for $700 will about-face the PC decline. If not, abutting year’s Windows 9 NUC2 with quad-cores for abandoned $100 added will absolutely set the bazaar on fire. Intel’s Google TV died because of the above abstracted artefact development mindset. Ultrabooks awash 1/8th of their 2012 ambition for the above reasons. PC sales are in the toilet, Microsoft is active proclaiming victory, and Intel is ratcheting up prices on Haswell to bottomless levels.

If Intel does amount out what to do at this point, their margins won’t sustain activity bottomward that aisle any more. If the appropriate bodies accept why the NUC is so amiss tomorrow and appear out with a artefact that fixes aggregate the abutting day, they couldn’t allow to body it and accumulate the lights on. Maybe Intel does get it afterwards all.S|A

Modern Home USB Desktop Aquarium with Light/Clock Organizer - Walmart

Modern Home USB Desktop Aquarium with Light/Clock Organizer – Walmart | modern home usb desktop aquarium

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